feeling salty

What do I do all day??

I think about food.
I make food. 
I think about food visually.
I taste food. 
I look for trends.
I learn everyday what is best for our bodies.

"Food is Fuel".

" Food as Medicine".  

As a biz owner, I try to provide my customers and clients with the best product I can,
and try to make a living to pay my employees, the government, keep the lights on, and all that.

Sourcing the best products at the best price.

Getting real: This is very hard to do.   

I recently began purchasing food from a new vendor through a group purchaser to get the best price. 
There are so many things I'd like to do with et al; most of it requires money, so I'm trying to save where ever I can without compromising quality. 

Sure, that’s what everyone does. 

Recently, I noticed that our food was tasting salty. And I love salt!! But this was more “sodium-y” than salty.

So, I started to dig.

I looked at the nutritional label from my box of salt from the new company.

2 ingredients:

  1. Salt

  2. Yellow Prussiate of Soda

Red flags, bells, whistles...

I don't know what “Yellow Prussiate of Soda” is... so, I look it up and find that it is an anti-caking agent.

OK, fine. 

Then, I read on and find that Morton Salt is about twice as salty as Diamond Crystal (which I have always used). 
So, if the Morton brand is twice as salty and has an added ingredient, that ingredient must be contributing to the taste. 
But what is that doing to our bodies?? 

Too much to investigate on a Monday AM. To be continued!

signing off,

kim ramin
chef / detective / investigator

PS: Just wait til I get going on sugar!

Of all smells, bread; of all tastes, salt.
— George Herbert